The Recs ★★★★ "Is He Musical? is a heartfelt celebration of the 1930s gay scene and, during LGBTQ+ History month, a timely love letter to the queers who boldly paved the way."

Theatre and Other Things LDN ★★★★
"A story of queer joy, and joy indeed is what it gave its audience. Both actors offer up incredible performances. Hinde gives a scene stealing performance as the ever flamboyant Wilfred and is certainly a musical theatre performer to watch out for. O’Reilly’s character Laurence’s growth throughout the musical is also delightful to watch!
The entire musical was exquisitely written, both musically and theatrically, and it was lovely to watch during LGBT+ history month. 
...absorbing, charming, amusing"
From Page to Stage ★★★★
"A delightful new musical comedy...
A joyous production with two standout performances, Is He Musical? is a promising and timely new musical which is deserved of a bright future."
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