"All the while, Matt Powell's unrelenting video projections flicker across every surface, a kaleidoscope of faces, emojis, clickbait, and camera-phone footage simulating that blend of numbness and hyper-simulation familiar with anyone with a Twitter account" The Stage​
"What really sets Public Domain apart from other shows is the technology aspect. A challenging set up online, having to recreate it in person is as complicated as it gets. The performers are constantly surrounded by interlaced video, created by Matt Powell, mirroring everything they say so timing is crucial. The sync and setup throughout was pretty flawless and incredibly impressive to witness- a testament to pure precision." All That Dazzles
"There's also impressive work in Matt Powell's video overlays which play on Libby Todd's towering set of giant screens....the show pulls of a seamless transition from screen to stage." Theatre GB
"Director Adam Lenson and video designer Matt Powell send us hurtling between webpages and pop-ups or into a murky onstage digital hinterland, where blue light winks amid the shriek and static of dial-up modems." the i Paper
"the most seamless and effective integration of video elements I’ve ever seen." @tomramsay
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