MTPRIDE (2020) Online Musical Theatre Festival
MPTheatricals, Queerly Productions, ALPMusicals & Musical Theatre Network/Mercury Musicals Development are thrilled to present MTPRIDE: an intersectional online musical theatre festival. 
Over three weeks, three bespoke evenings of musical theatre will explore queer pasts, presents and futures. Unlocking histories, voicing untold stories, navigating identity mazes and celebrating identities: MTPRIDE celebrates queer beings through the powerful art form of musical theatre. 
The season is curated by Lucy Dickson, Matt Powell & Meg McGrady, produced in partnership with MPTheatricals, Queerly Productions, ALPMusicals, Musical Theatre Network and Mercury Musical Development. Technical Production provided by
Festival Artwork by William Lloyd 
QUEERED (2020) 
Queered reframes existing shows and reimagines classic MT moments in completely new contexts to explore queer histories, lost stories & personal experiences. In volume one, stories of love and lust, community and identity are brought to life through new arrangements and performances of musical theatre's vast repertoire.
Featuring a cast of LGBTQ+ talent, queered's debut digital performance blends live performances and spectacular recordings to create an evening that celebrates and interrogates what queer representation in Musical Theatre can be.
QUEERME (2021) - Online Concert
In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, MPTheatricals present an evening exploring queer history through a series of brand new songs.

A group of songwriters have been commissioned to respond to snapshots of queer history. From forgotten historical figures to exciting experiences, the evening takes us on a journey through queer time, bringing lost histories and humans to life in an intimate concert hosted by director Matt Powell.
SUBWAY (2020) A Musical Short by Gus Gowland

3am. A subway train in New York City. Joe can’t sleep and endlessly journeys through the night. Like clockwork, Jamie finishes his late shift and can’t wait to doze off on the A-Train.
A relationship blossoms in the dead of night through brief moments of connection as the same scene replays night after night.
Starring Jack Reitman as Joe and Nicholas McLean as Jamie
Directed by Matt Powell - Musical Direction by George Strickland
Supported by Rural Arts
Make Me Infamous A New Musical by Jude Taylor.- 2020 Audio Production 
Sloane desperately wants to be a supervillain. But there's one problem - she's simply far too kind. After she fails a GCSEvil course at her local community college, she discovers a talent for songwriting, and becomes a successful composer. This frustrates a group of students from her old GCSEvil course and their teacher, failed supervillain Dalton Doomsworth. Inspired to steal Sloane's glory, Doomsworth leads the group in a scheme to disguise themselves as a band and steal Sloane's work. But the scheme doesn't quite go to plan, especially when Agent 501 and The Averagers, the city's failing superheroes, attempt to get involved…
SNOWFLAKE by Lewis Cornay (EP: 2020 / Show: 2022)
From 2019-2022, I oversaw the development of Lewis Cornay's debut musical producing a reading, visual EP and semi-staged concert production.
Tom is a gay, 25 year old, interning for, writing empty articles and quizzes that determine which Kardashian your pet dog is. Jess, also 25, has just quit her job as a junior doctor and is unsure where life will turn. Olly & Tyler have been together for three years and are looking for new adventures. Megan & Chloe are here for all the tea, hangovers and drama.
Through the prism of social media, satire and song, SNOWFLAKE is a kaleidoscopic musical navigating the tricky nature of sexual identity and community within the confines of modern millennial hood. What happens when the label you gave yourself no longer fits? Do you fight the confusion or embrace the ambiguity? 

SNOWFLAKE premieres in a semi-staged concert production as part of The Lowry, Salford Quays' REWRITES festival, presenting the full musical performed by an All Star cast. Snowflake's debut Visual EP was nominated for an OnComm award.
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