Various screens dominate the space, presenting memes, emojis and pop culture references which aid the performance’s parodical nature. At times, Belles interacts with on-screen projections like a video game, ‘levelling up’ on her journey as she gains more success and influence. Retractable mirrors loom in the background, forcing the protagonist to look at herself, and question her self-worth. This innovative use of digital technology and set is perfectly paired with Howell’s refreshingly modern storytelling style, providing the audience with a highly immersive sensory experience. - Broadway World
"Testament to the Mercury Theatre’s comprehensive, joined-up approach to inclusive accessibility, this project showed what theatre can achieve, through its vision that spoke to who gets to make theatre, who gets to work in it, how productions are realised and how audiences can participate inclusively....The show included immersive digital technologies and creative captioning, with video, soecial media and emojis/gifs animating Howell's performance, and creative captioning ensuring full accessibility for D/deaf audience members... It served as a fascinating blueprint for future theatremaking.
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